100 Rep Squat/Leg Press Workout

This is a simple workout that I like to add to my leg days because it is a combination of both high reps and weight.

It sounds like a lot, but it is very simple. Here is how I break it down:

I start in the squat rack with just the bar, knock out 10 reps. Then add 20 lbs. Knock out 10 more. Keep adding weight until you get to 60 reps, then begin lowering the weight. Example:











I perform the same routine for leg press. In the facility that I usually workout in, there is no leg press machine so I improvise on a smith machine. Lay a mat down on the floor and raise the bar up a couple hooks. Lay down on the mat and adjust the bar until your knees are close to your chest like they would be on a leg press. Essentially it is a vertical leg press motion instead of horizontal. I actually prefer it to a leg press machine.

By the end of these two exercises, you will be pouring sweat! Of course the weights listed here are only an example of the incremental increase in weight-do whatever challenges you! In my backwoods spoken way of putting it…if you aren’t ‘sweating like a pig’ after a few sets, you aren’t lifting heavy enough!

Have fun, and PERSPYRE!! 🙂


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