Y the Y?

When I first started thinking up this blog, I used Y in Tyme because I thought it was clever to make it match Gym. Then the word ‘inspyre’ came to mind for a daily inspiration, and then I thought, ‘why not make that a trend, Gym Tyme’s unique stamp? Then I started thinking of other words I could make unique.
Then I started thinking more in depth into the meaning of it all. The movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ also came to mind. I did a little research on the movie on why they spelled it that way. It symbolizes a lot. And as the question was posed in the movie, why is it the ‘pursuit’ of happiness? Is it something that you always are striving for but may never achieve?
I don’t think that it’s impossible to achieve your goals, but it is always something you are striving for. Even when you attain one goal, you start on a new one. I believe as far as Gym Tyme goes the Y symbolizes that we are not perfect, but that is what makes us unique. The difference between you and the next person is that you are getting off the couch and going out there and doing whatever it takes to get what you want.
Let’s start the Y movement across America, across the world. Ask yourself, Y do I do what I do? Because when you know Y you do something, that Y will give you courage to keep plugging along when you feel like giving up.
Know Y you want to make a change for the better, then do it!
Satisfaction leads to complacency, complacency leads to normalcy, and normalcy leads to nothing.

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