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Saw your 1000lbs Club Shirt post and decided to announce I have made it too! via /r/Fitness

This is now one of my goals!!


The gym I go to on base has a pre-powerlifter as the gym adviser so all techniques and form were on par.

Deadlift: 405lbs @175 BW

Squat: 405lbs @176 BW

Bench: 270lbs @176 BW

I am 21 years old, been working out for a about 3 years and now I am venturing into BodyBuilding

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Online Fitness Training $30/month!

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MP Grind is almost over

I have been participating in Muscle Pharm’s Back to the Grind challenge and it has been quite a challenge. The hardest part is just the timing of it all. About two weeks in I went on r and r for two weeks, so I did some indulging and didn’t workout. However during the past 8 months I have been going at it hard so I figured a little break wouldn’t hurt. It actually did a world of good I came back to work ready to get back in the groove and hit the gym harder than ever.

I have been doing some intermittent fasting to round out my preparations for this challenge. I’ve never tried it before, but I tend to like food a little too much sometimes (haha) so I thought I would give it a whirl. Been doing it about a week and it seems to be working beautifully.

Well that wraps up this post just wanted to say hello and let you all know what I have been up to lately. Yesterday was my fasting day so after some sprinting during flickerball this morning it’s time for a good breakfast refeed! I believe I will knock out my 100 rep squat workout today try it out!

Talk to you soon 🙂