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Apologies for the Dry Spell!

Hello everyone! I apologize for not writing for a while, I am have been very busy moving. I haven’t had too much to do to forget training though! I am very excited to announce that I am beginning a new challenge, BSN’s Push Your Limits Challenge. This is another six week challenge where you can choose to either shred or bulk. I chose shredding because I would like to lower my body fat percentage as part of my overall fitness goal. I should not have nearly as many distractions as I did the last challenge so I hope for much better success.

I have developed a sort of ‘hybrid’ program. I combined weight lifting, tabata, tire circuits and plyometrics throughout the week. It is diverse but I think just what I need to stay focused and see results.

If you are interested in doing this challenge (winner takes $10,000!) you can find it on Bodybuilding.com. Just a few days left to get your before pictures uploaded and begin!

Can’t wait to keep you all updated on my progress 🙂